MVC Architecture

MVC Architecture

Model, View, Controller

MVC stands for Model View Controller. MVC is an architectural pattern that splits an application into three main logical components. The Model handles all data-related logic the user works with. The View handles all UI application logic. Last but not least, the Controller acts as an interface between the Model and the View by processing incoming requests.

For example, when the user enters a URL in the browser, the request goes to a script on a server. This script then calls the appropriate controller. Then, the Controller passes the request to the Model if any interaction with the database is needed. The Model sends back data to the Controller which passes the information once again to the View which then displays the information back to the user (browser).

Most of the Open Source PHP frameworks follow the MVC architecture. At Webmantica™, we specialize in custom application development utilizing PHP frameworks and MVC architecture. We have built a wide variety of applications from social networks to payment processing systems.

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Custom Application Development

Our specialty is building web applications from scratch. We have developed a wide variety of custom web applications, from social networks to search engines and ecommerce websites. We utilize the latest PHP frameworks and technologies to deliver high performing top-notch web applications built to your specs. We delight in creating elegant, advanced websites. Period.

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Custom Application Development, Front-end Integration, Maintenance
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