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There are literally hundreds of open source content management systems available online nowadays. Most small businesses are normally well served by an off-the-shelf CMS solution. In fact, any custom CMS solution would be way overkill for them. Why pay a lof of money to re-invent the wheel if all you need is a brochure-like website, after all? However, the line between an open source CMS Vs. a custom CMS starts to become blurred when high performance and custom functionality and integration come into the picture.

An off-the-shelf CMS solution such as Wordpress offers decent performance with a resonable bit of effort in configuration, deployment, and maintenance. However, would you use Wordpress to manage a huge application such as Facebook? Most definitely not, since Facebook needs so much custom functionality that can only be addressed by a custom CMS solution that is not part of a standard website. Building high performance web applications requires a lot more work than your standard content website. They are custom applications with a very complex set of requirements for performance, responsiveness, and SEO capabilities. Sure, you could tweak an open source CMS into working the way you want it, but the end result may be less than desirable. In addition, it often takes longer than building a custom CMS from scratch. At Webmantica, we have plenty of experience implementing custom CMS solutions for our clients. Whether ecommerce of informational, we will analyze your website needs and come up with a robust custom CMS solution for your online presence.

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Custom Application Development

Our specialty is building web applications from scratch. We have developed a wide variety of custom web applications, from social networks to search engines and ecommerce websites. We utilize the latest PHP frameworks and technologies to deliver high performing top-notch web applications built to your specs. We delight in creating elegant, advanced websites. Period.

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Custom Application Development, Front-end Integration, Maintenance
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Custom Application Development, Front-end Integration, Maintenance
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Custom Application Development, Front-end Integration, Maintenance, XHTML/CSS
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