Is your website still stuck in the 1990s? Does your website still have image galleries with hasty blue borders wrapping around images? If you pull up your website page source, do you see a monstrosity of tr, td, and th tags code all over the place? If you answered yes, don't worry. The table-based-layout disease still affects many websites today, but it can be cured. You most likely need a total redesign!

Thanks to the advent of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), websites can now be liberated from code clutter and tables can go back to do what they were originally designed for: showing tabular data.

A great web design is only the tip of the iceberg in the whole web development process. In fact, a website needs code to make things move and look good. We at Webmantica™ are geeks by nature. As such, we get all warm and fuzzy when a new web development project comes along.

First, we put truckloads of coffee on the stove. Then, we start thinking and thinking. Lastly, we pull up our favorite coding editors and start programming and programming. The final result is beautifully designed code running behind the scenes, spitting out excellently valid semantic markup, powering what will be the Eight Wonder of the Internet World.

Sure, having a great web design and solid web development coding practices is of paramount importance when determining whether a website will be a winner or a dumper. However, in order to be successful, a website needs to always have fresh content and be able to rank high in search engine results. After all, what good would a killer web design do to your website if nobody knows about it?

We at Webmantica™ can help you get the word out there, be it through Search Engine Optimization advanced techniques aka SEO, Search Engine Marketing, or Email Marketing. You are not the greatest writer? We can help you with that too!

Do you have a slow website and don't know how to fix it? Or maybe you are just looking for a great domain name for your new web venture? How about web hosting? Need someone to take care of your website ongoing maintenance? You have come to the right place!